Glaucoma: Symptoms and Prevention

Hat is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a situation that the optic nerve. It builds up accelerated pressure inside the attention. This, in turn, damages the connectivity between the optic nerve and the mind ensuing in everlasting imaginative and prescient loss.

Symptoms and Types of Glaucoma

There are most important sorts of Glaucoma:

Open-attitude glaucoma
Angle-closure glaucoma
Open-perspective glaucoma: This is extra not unusual and tougher to hit upon. People do not enjoy any severe symptoms but the affected person suffers gradual lack of vision and might even absolutely lose it if left untreated. It is expected that over three million Americans have glaucoma.
Angle-closure glaucoma: It isn’t always very not unusual however it’s very clean to hit upon. Symptoms include on the spot vision loss, intense eye ache, extremely pink eyes, and nausea. Vision loss takes place very suddenly and there are no verified successful treatments to regenerate lost imaginative and prescient. Since it is not so commonplace, no longer greater than 10% are affected every yr.

Are You at Risk For Glaucoma?

A survey achieved for Glaucoma Research Foundation observed that seventy four% of over 1,000 human beings interviewed have their eyes examined as a minimum each two years. Yet, there are no exact steps or methods to prevent glaucoma.

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