Can You Use an Air Conditioner As an Air Purifier?

If you are not sure whether you should go for a dedicated air purifier or just depend on your hair conditioner, you are on the right page. In other words, you need to find out if an air conditioner is able to filter out different types of pollutants, bushfire smoke, or viruses. The sad news is that most types of air conditioners are not designed to serve their purpose. If you want to keep your indoor air as clean as possible, you may consider some types of these units. Read on to find out more.

Dust filters can’t filter smoke

Almost every air conditioning unit comes with a dust filter inside the indoor unit. The function of these filters is to remove dust in order to prevent it from blocking the internal systems. However, dust filters don’t have a significant impact on fine particles, such as smoke. So, you may want to get access to these filters and clean them on a regular basis. This is essential for proper airflow and a unit.

Ionization filters can filter smoke slightly

Based on ionization, some types of air conditioners do contain air purification filters. And they are available in a large variety, such as plasma stream and photocatalytic electric filters. The good thing about ionization filters is that they can filter out smoke. However, manufacturers claim that the units can remove germs, virgins, odors, mold spores, and fine dust.

How does an Ionization filter work?

Basically, ions form inside the indoor unit of an air conditioner. Basically, they are used for breaking down or trapping pollutants like bacteria, pollen, and dust. The thing is that they get attached to the particles of pollutants. They break down through the process of oxidization.

Are Ionization Filters Installed in HVAC Systems?

The good news is that you can find several brands that offer ionization-based filters. You can go for their premium models in order to get these benefits.

Disadvantages of these Filters

They don’t have any disadvantages. However, you may need to be cleaned and replaced from time to time. Therefore, we suggest that you check the instructions to carry out these maintenance tasks. It is essential to keep in mind that the process of ionization can generate a little bit of ozone. Therefore, it may irritate your Airways.

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