Granada’s San Cecilio Celebration – The Most Dynamic Celebration of Andalucía

Spain is the best spot to appreciate celebrations. Spanish individuals host gatherings for everything and anything. They celebrate various celebrations all through the year to have some good times.

Every year, the San Cecilio Celebration in Granada is praised on the principal Sunday in February. San Cecilio is the supporter Holy person of Granada. It is the most energetic celebration of Andalucía. It is hung on Sunday so everybody can participate in the celebration. Individuals of Granada make an hour journey from the foundation of Granada to the twisting mountains to La Abadia del Sacramento. There, a mass petitioning heaven is held in the distinction of San Cecilio and an exuberant festival happens at night. It is a custom to visit the sepulchers and the Religious community of Sacramento.

It is said that San Cecilio was one of the three emissaries and the other two were Isio and Tesifon sent by St. Peter to Spain for proselytizing. At the point when they accumulated in the tombs with different ministers, they were encircled by the Romans and martyred. In this way, consistently a journey is held to give proper respect to the saint’s remaining parts. During the journey, the little kids of eligible age contact the white stone to get hitched early or contact the opposite side of the stone to get hitched. As the pioneers travel through the roads and squares of Granada gradually moving to the cloister over the pinnacles of the Alhambra, individuals partake in a ton.

You can appreciate tremendous perspectives in general of Granada from this point of convergence with the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. The journey is held in February however the weather conditions is warm and bright. The long climb to the ridge religious community is agreeable as there is food, drink, and music on the way.

Thus, on the off chance that you are arranging a get-away in this piece of Spain, and you need to partake in the glow of the sun in February, you should go to this celebration. Families and companions accumulate around a flamenco show. Individuals make a broad line to get free food. Customary salaillas, crude green beans, and bacalao were circulated to individuals on plastic plates. Granada salaillas are common round bread with a garnish of a couple of grains of ocean salt. Drink and wine are likewise accessible in bounty joined by music and moving

One more significant piece of the celebration is the conventional Granada dance “La Reja”. The dance execution is enthusiastic and beautiful and you can likewise appreciate close to home Flamenco style melodies. It is accepted that when the hairs on the rear of your neck stand on end when you are moved profoundly and profoundly by flamenco, you can insight “Duende”. At the point when you experience “Duende” being a characteristic of the start of another comprehension of this sort of music is accepted. The celebration go on till the evening and customarily for about possibly more than seven days.

Granada is one of the most lovely urban communities to visit. You can visit here whenever of the year yet it is really engaging and agreeable assuming you visit here when San Cecilio is occurring. During the celebration, the city wakes up with new life and zing.

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