What You Should Know About Mixing Medications and Diet…

I had a call the other day from a capacity customer in an extreme womenhealthtips co uk situation. He become young and had been identified with CAD (Coronary Artery Disease), affected by extraordinarily high blood stress and cholesterol, his medical doctor had put him on a medication that became think to lower and manipulate these symptoms, and he have been in this remedy for over 2 years.

During this time, this 24 12 months antique man had developed a blockage in his hand that had grow to be infected and finally ruptured, causing the possibility of amputation. The scenario was delivered below manipulate using anti inflammatory means, but he remained on his cholesterol medicinal drug without adjustment even after this incident.
About 6 months later, this young man turned into laid low with every other blockage, but this time, it become in a critical region that could not be handled with out specialization and the neighborhood doctors did no longer have the revel in to treat him. These doctors advised him that there was nobody in the 4 country location that could serve him, he became desperate and afraid, and grew to become to me for assist.

When he first called, I asked him some questions to help me recognize his situation.

How vintage are you? (25)

Do you be afflicted by High blood pressure or excessive ldl cholesterol? (yes)

Does your own family have a records of excessive blood strain, high ldl cholesterol, heart disorder, diabetes or insulin resistance? (yes)

Does you own family have a history of bowel problems, colon most cancers or colon polyps? (yes, my dual brother)

What is your Ethnic Origin? (English)

Are you physically lively? (sure, after I may be)

Has your medical doctor placed you on any medicinal drug (sure, and he named it)

At the time that you had been placed on this remedy, did your physician suggest a glycemic, low fats, low sodium weight loss plan? (no)

What kinds of foods have you been ingesting even as in this medicine? (everyday ingredients, meat, vegetables, potatoes, you realize, stuff in eating places and stuff that is easy to repair at home)

With the situation which you presently have, do you be afflicted by lack of vision or blurred imaginative and prescient? (sure)

Are you suffering from Migraine headaches? (yes, continuously)

Are you suffering from the loss of motor abilties, have trouble strolling, chewing, swallowing, lifting? (sure)

Are those signs consistent, or do they arrive and go? (Constant)

Is this blockage behind your proper eye? (sure)

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