La Gomera

La Gomera – The Canary Island’s Hidden Treasure

Ah, La Gomera! What a genuinely astounding location. You can be wondering: ‘La GoWhere?’ – And with suitable cause too, because it truly is the Canary’s high-quality saved mystery, for now at the least.

La Gomera is a beautiful little island within the Atlantic which lies off the coast of Africa. It’s the smallest out of the seven Canary Islands, though what for what it lacks in length, it truely makes up for in its herbal splendor and irrefutable appeal.

It is a round Island from volcanic origin and is most effective 14 miles in diameter! Again, though small in stature its mountainous terrain makes for some truly breath-taking perspectives. There are few places left on earth which boast such natural splendour which have not been burdened by using mass-tourism to the threshold of suffocation.

La Gomera on the other hand, affords its site visitors the ultimate degree of peace and quiet.

Of route, it is not to say that there may be nothing to do there! If you want to enjoy a few insanely scrumptious food and a surprisingly bustling nightlife then there are some official restaurants and bars; although for the maximum component, La Gomera embraces the quiet life.

If you need hustle and bustle, you then have to head on over to La Gomera’s sister Island of Tenerife. Though, in case you want to break out from the madness and revel in the simple pleasures that life has to offer then La Gomera is nearly honestly the region for you! So, what’s there to do on this quiet, hidden gem of an Island?

Take a Hike!

It’s no longer everybody’s cup of tea, even though for those of you who love the extraordinary outdoors then La Gomera has a wealth of remarkable hiking trails if you want to select from. The popular trails in La Gomera range in distance from 5km as much as roughly 11km, affording you masses of opportunity to build up a sweat!

Enjoy a stroll alongside the seashore and thru the Valle Gran Rey. This is one of the greater famous destinations on the Island due to its lovely perspectives and wealthy cultural records.

A Sunset like no Other

We’ve all watched the sun set one thousand times, each one greater lovely than earlier than. A sundown on La Gomera however, is arguably one of the maximum unforgettable reviews that you could witness.

You can gather along with your buddies and the nearby residents with some bloodless beers as you watch the fire dancers carry out to native pipe and drum song at the same time as the solar sets. It simply is something to behold and gives a completely unique revel in to that of the clashing of diverse dance anthems blasting from every bar alongside the strip in Tenerife.

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