How to Remove Rust From a Motorcycle Gas Tank

One of the benefits of being to capable of work on bikes is that you can normally discover them quite reasonably-priced whilst paintings on them is needed. Typically, a bike that needs paintings has been sitting for some time, commonly with the tank empty. This manner through the years that rust has taken over, as turned into the case with a 1981 Honda CB650 that I had received. To say that this aspect had rust in it become an irony; it had chunks of rust. Luckily roman business, the tank had no pin hole leaks or some thing and changed into absolutely strong. Now to the amusing component! I will provide an explanation for the manner of doing away with rust from a motorcycle gas tank. As I said, this became performed on a 81′ CB650, so it’s tailored to that, but I’m positive it’ll work on maximum different motorcycles.

What you’ll Want:


Distilled water (it’s critical which you simplest use distilled water)

Two Stroke Oil

A length of chain 4 to 6 feet long


Something to plug the fuel outlet (I used a small piece of hose a small rag and a chunk of black tape)

IMPORTANT NOTE: ACETONE AND RUBBER DO NOT MIX! If you use rubber to seal the gasoline output update it on every occasion you drain the acetone blend as the acetone will consume away at it.

At this point I’m going to count on which you have the gas tank off the motorbike and that it’s empty. Here is a little by little.

  • Plug the gas output and make certain it’s miles sealed
  • Fill the tank approximately ½ full of acetone and let it sit down turning from time to time
    Wait overnight
  • Shake the tank and empty the acetone/rust combination into a bucket
  • Fill the tank ½ manner again with acetone and this time drop the chain in
  • Shake the tank regularly and vigorously. The chain will knock last rust off
  • Empty the acetone/rust combination into the bucket
  • Fill the tank up with distilled water and empty it out. Do this till simplest pretty smooth water comes out and no rust can be heard rattling
  • round. I placed a hairdryer in the gasoline hole and dried it out straight away after
    Fill the tank about ¼ with two stroke oil and shake it round then empty it
  • Please eliminate the acetone and other nasty chemical compounds properly

I enormously advocate putting in an inline gasoline clear out on the gas line in among the tank and carburetor. It will clear out any small debris and hold them out of the fuel device. This gadget worked for me, my CB650 ran like a dream after cleaning the tank like this! The subsequent step is to offer the carb a good cleansing.

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