Hair Transplant – A Permanent Baldness Treatment

Hair Transplantation… What? How? Why?


Hair transplant is a method or medical remedy wherein surgeons take hair follicles from one a part of the body for that a part of the body that is bald. It is a manner of providing hair to the bald area of the frame. The part from hairs are taken is referred to as donor site and the part where it is to be inserted (bald vicinity) is known as recipient web page. It is likewise referred to as follicular unit transplantation.

How it’s far accomplished?

• Pre-operation making plans

Firstly, whilst you go to a medical doctor for this process he will ask your preferences and expectancies and will examine your scalp. This planning will assist you to know that what is the density of the hair that allows you to come as a end result after transplant. Doctors will advise you do’s and dont’s earlier than surgical treatment.

FUT hair transplant (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

In the FUT transplant system, the doctor will cast off a certain inch strip from your head, after which he sews the area round. The area receives blanketed with hairs.

Next, the docs group divides the strip of removed scalp into five hundred to 2 thousand little grafts, every with a personal hair or really a couple of hairs. The amount of graft you get depends in your hair kind, high-quality, shade, and also the scale of the realm anyplace you are obtaining the transplant.

FUE hair transplant (Follicular unit extraction)

In FUE transplant process the hair physician will firstly shave your hair from the donor area. Then, the physician will remove follicles one at a time from there the usage of fue punch. The hair Doctor then uses extraordinarily tiny small blades or excellent needles to puncture the web sites for receiving the grafts, setting them for the duration of a preset density and sample, and angling the accidents at some point of a steady fashion to push a practical hair sample. The technicians commonly do the final a part of the method, placing the person grafts in perfect place. This technique may be performed in a unmarried lengthy consultation or many small periods.



• Leaves a donor scar
• Healing time is more
• More pain in donor vicinity
• The maximum graft of yield is
Higher than FUE
• Less highly-priced


Does no longer leave a linear donor scar.
Healing time is much less.
•Less pain in donor place
The most graft yield of FUE is lower than FUT
More luxurious

List of hair transplant equipment:

• implanter pen
• fue
• Hair Transplant FUE Follicular Unit Extraction Machine
• Cylindrical fue punch
• forceps
• HT Micro Titanium Forceps
• Manual Hair Transplant Punch Holder
• Hair Transplant Titanium FUE and many others.

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