For the last few months, the world has been shaken by the epidemic called Corona virus . You’ve heard a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories, whether it’s a biological warfare or a divine event. How it spreads or how it emerges is beyond our subject. Scientists and conspiracy theorists make a lot of statements on this subject and create enough information already. Our main subject is to examine the effects of this epidemic disease on technology. Yes, although this is a biological epidemic, it should not be surprising to foresee that this virus will have an impact on the technology world like a post-earthquake tsunami.

Effects of corona virus on technology

All factories of world technology manufacturers are located in China. The Chinese state owes almost all of its economy to these production lines. The country, which has become the factory of the world and produces all of the technology products from textiles to medical materials, has begun to experience major disruptions in production due to the epidemic and the measures taken. Technology companies have started to talk about the problems that may occur as of March, although notebooks, graphics cards, ram and processors, which are sold very fast, are in stock for now. China, which has stopped many of its production lines, is also having problems with the shipment of its products. Since most of the products produced go through detailed checks at ports or warehouses, we are dependent on the status of stocks. While countries are starting to be more meticulous in the controls of products from China, virus tests consist of a series of measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease to countries. Since it is not known how long the virus that an employee with the disease will leave on that product will survive in that environment and carry the epidemic to a different country on a notebook, all countries show extra sensitivity in this regard.

Since the situation is so serious and sensitive, technology companies talk about the increase in prices in line with the demands and the difficulty of supplying technology products.

While the Corona virus first threatened human life, it was a situation that economic experts had warned about various scenarios for a long time. In addition to the fact that countries deliver their production only to a particular country, it is necessary to foresee global crises in such epidemics and natural disasters as well as their own independence.

While China has become a giant factory in the world market with the breakthrough it has made in the last 20 years in terms of low production costs, production quality, production speed and production technologies, it is possible to reduce the costs of large companies, increase profits and transfer their R&D investments to model development instead of production developments. Moving it to China has caused countries to take measures politically and economically. For example, in 2016, the United States began to pressure companies that made their production in China to withdraw their production lines to the United States. Similarly, Turkey has tried to provide an orientation to the products of domestic manufacturers by imposing extra taxes on retail products purchased from China. The main thing here is that instead of trying to attract production to their countries by pressure or taxation of states,

Corona virus is actually a warning for the world. This and similar outbreaks are possible for any country. Many epidemics have been seen throughout the history of the world and have caused global effects. The world order is now progressing through technology and economic order, and for the functioning of this order, neither dependence on a single country in production nor ties with the world should be broken. While large price increases are expected worldwide as of March for technology products and all products from China, the necessary infrastructure for the production of these products should be established before it is too late.