If you have a backyard swimming pool, it might be easy for you to notice that there is a leak. You can actually spot easily the lease with the gushing out of water. But what is difficult to search is the location or origin of the leak. There are instances when it is quite easy to know, however, many times it can also be complicated phoenixleakdetectors.com

To locate swimming pool leaks, first of all, you have to determine if the water that is missing is really a pool leak as there are also other possible reasons. Water loss is actually caused by shell leaks, plumbing leaks and evaporation. Therefore it is advisable that you first determine the real cause of the missing water for going further. Another reason for missing water is something that is very simple, which is splashing. Missing water happens especially if you have many swimmers diving to the swimming pool.

Evaporation, likewise, is another normal cause of missing or lost water. You can find out for yourself if indeed water loss is caused by evaporation. All you have to do is get a small bucket and have it filled with water and then place it on the first step of the pool. Next, take out some of the water from the bucket up to the level when the water in the swimming pool is on the same level as that with the water on the bucket. Allow the bucket to sit on the step for a number of days. Make sure that no one swims during these times.

After a few days, you check again the levels. If they are still of the same level, then evaporation caused by the sun is the culprit. On the other hand, if the pool water dropped much lower than that in the bucket, then you now know that there is a leak in the swimming pool.