If you are a Muslim, you already know what Halal food is. If not, let me clarify it. Halal means lawful or legal. It is a term that refers to foods, works or objects that are allowed in Islam’s rules and regulations. For example, eating chicken is allowed for Muslims; therefore, it is a food. The opposite of Halal is Haram. Eating Haram is prohibited for Muslims. So, it is a Haram food halal food in Singapore

Halal Food Outlets is an iPhone application developed for the benefit of the Islam people. How?

Let us see, the main role of the Outlets iPhone application is that it gives the location of the food restaurants to the Muslim people, who are unable to find their favorite dish while travelling or in other countries. This Halal Outlets iPhone application will help them to find the restaurants at their fingertips, without the need to ask anyone, and search anywhere in the world. But do you know about the meaning of the Halal Food Outlets, well here is the definition of this term, it refers to shops or restaurants those sell only Halal foods. If you are in a Muslim country, you will find them everywhere. As a matter of fact, the food outlets there are all Halal! But if you are living or travelling in a non-Muslim country, it will be difficult for you to track them down. Some countries have Islam as their second religion. You will find these outlets very easily there as well, but the complexity comes when you are in a country where Islam is neither the first nor a second religion.

Basically a Halal Food Outlet is a place where it is forbidden to sell Ham, Dog, Alcoholic Beverages, and Blood etc. If you are a non-Muslim looking for these, search out the really exclusive outlets that sell them. There are two things you might want to do when you are reading this article:

• You want to open a Halal Food Outlet

• Or, you are looking for a one to eat at.

If you are willing to open one, here are some tips for you:

• Know your market. If you are in a Muslim country, you don’t have to know much about knowing!

• If you are in a non-Muslim country, think of opening the outlet near local Muslim communities.

• Offer various Halal products in a yummy fashion. For example, McDonalds named one of their products as “Halal Chicken Nuggets”.

• Know people’s sentiment. If you are opening up an Outlet near a conservative Christian community, you might as well get sued!

• Promote your outlet in selective places. Places from where you will actually get customers, not problems.

Just concentrate on the above tips to open a really good and profitable Halal Food Outlet. If you are looking for one rather than opening, please take the following tips:

• Be at the right place. I mean, if you are standing in the middle of a church and looking for one, you are just wasting your time.

• Ask Muslims or people who actually know the meaning of “Halal”.

• Try asking people, who don’t know what “Halal” is, if they know any middle-eastern food outlet.

• Take references from your friends and family. Some foreign Halal Food Outlet sells Haram food saying that it is Halal.

Well this is pretty much a guide about “How to find or establish Halal Food Outlets” using the Halal Food Outlet iPhone application. Pay attention to the tips carefully. Make your way to a Halal Food Outlet today.