Unfortunately there are many, many individuals who would take advantage of your giving nature if you allow it.  They would have you believe that you must give until it hurts and to trust God to bless you abundantly.

Are you crazy!?

It is true that God may press you to give more than you believe you are able to especially when you have an obvious and pressing need at hand.  I have discovered that he will do that as opportunity for you to trust him and to help you grow stronger in him Does God love me.  However, that will not be the norm for most of us.

If you truly, truly give from your heart while being a good steward over your goods, God will receive from your hand and continue to bless you.

God simply loves his little children and left them in your hands to care for them.  Do you really think he would be pleased with you if you took diaper and food money to give to the church thinking you are putting God first when God has no need for money?

You put God first by taking care of the ones and things that are dear to him.  You and God know what you can and cannot do.

Now, at the risk of sounding contradicting, there is a certain amount of trust that you must have in God.  That is why you must develop a personal relationship with him and he will indeed instruct you as to your giving.  Even when you don’t really have it, he (God) will make a way for you to give and do his will.

Sometimes when you give and don’t really have it and yet you put yourself and needs aside for the sake of others; that really prompts God to move on your behalf because it all boils back down to how God loves a cheerful giver.

While there are many great organizations and churches you can donate to, don’t overlook your neighbor or the stranger who needs help and immediate help that sometimes only you can provide.