In recent years Australia has entered a crisis of enormous proportion, a crisis that will rock Australian society to its very core. This crisis is a crisis yet unrealised by the vast majority of ordinary Australians. Thus I am saddened to report that the Great Icon – The Traditional Aussie Bloke – has become an endangered species온라인카지노. Yes, his name has been entered onto the list of Earth’s endangered species.

I know that, as you read this, there will be doubt in your mind regarding the validity of my assertion. Let me very rapidly dispel any doubts by putting before you strong, undeniable evidence to support my claim that the “Aussie Bloke” is an endangered species.

Here are a series of statistics comparing the death rate of males and females in the late teen-early twenties age group.

Males die by car injury twice as often; by suicide 5 times as often; and in work accidents six times as often as females. Then young men are 7 times as likely to be permanently disabled in accidents.

Meanwhile, in the 45 – 60 year age group, male suicides are increasing at an alarming rate and are many times greater than the female rate. Our male suicide rate is indeed one of the worst in the world.

Is this not evidence enough, that my assertion that the Aussie Block is an endangered species is indeed true? Yes, I believe you can’t deny this evidence. It is cause for great concern.

The question, I’m sure you are asking yourself, why is this so? We live in the best country in the world. We are a healthy and wealthy nation and we have the freedom to choose to do whatever we want.

Researchers believe that the death rate reflects a lack of self-esteem and crisis of identity among many Australian men of all ages. The Aussie bloke, today, is not sure who he is or what he is supposed to be. Researchers suggest a number of reasons for this crisis. They include the Women’s Movement and the consequential rise in the status of women; the new divorce laws and the family law courts; and the sexual discrimination laws.
Before I continue, let me state strongly all thinking Aussie Males support fully the rise in the status of women in Australia. We need the talents of all, male and female, in Australia to keep our Nation going ahead.

Traditionally the male was the hunter, protector and provider. Now he looks around often to see his wife is better educated, paid more in her job, and has the poise and confidence to be independent. Then the modern divorce laws with many family court decisions sees many men feel as though they have been thrown on the scrap heap. Add to this, the new sexual discrimination laws mean men don’t flirt or pay compliments to women for fear of claims of sexual harassment. Then the injustice to end all injustices in the eyes of a man is when he reads of a lesbian couple going to court to gain access to the sperm bank to create their own child. Now, the Aussie bloke really believes he is not a valued member of society but simply a member of an endangered species.

The last 20 or so years has seen a breakdown in the traditional family unit. This has created a dilemma for society because many of our boys are growing up in a totally female environment. Their own close human contacts until their teenage years are only with their mother, grandmother, sisters and female teachers. As caring and supportive as this environment may be, our young men do not learn what is means to be truly a “man”.

In a recent article in Women’s Day, there was a discussion about the differences between the male and female species. Men need to prove themselves – women love to share. Men need facts – women love to swap feelings. Men love to compete while women are into cooperation and building relationships.

If this is not enough, let us look at the academic progress of boys in our schools:
10% less boys finish Year 12;
75% of suspensions are boys;
60% counselling is with boys;
90% of emotional/behaviour problems are with boys;
75% of those in intensive reading classes are boys.
These boys are in real danger of following their older brothers and fathers and becoming part of an endangered species. Now is the time for action.

The Men and Boys Project Team at the University of Newcastle is doing a great job sensitising the Australian community to the problems. Their starting point is to create a consensus among all Australians about what the “Aussie Bloke” of the 21st Century might be. Their education program begins with picture posters that make statements like these about boys:

Kids need dads who set fair rules.
Kids need dads who spend time with them.
Kids need dads who take an interest.
Kids need dads who keep in touch.

This is but a start on the road back for our “Aussie Bloke”. We must all get on the bandwagon and influence politicians to get involved just as they did 20 or so years ago with the Women’s Movement. Men are different to women and have much to offer to compliment the role of women in Australian Society. We must all work to help regain our lost “Aussie Blokes”. Make them believe they are a necessary and valued part of our Aussie family and not part of an endangered species.